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Why should I choose UK my study destination?What is a role of a counselor and does it help to fulfill ones dream of studying abroad?Why should I approach (name of the organization)?Do I get a good return value for my money?How many courses are offered in UK Universities?How can I choose best college to enhance my future prospects?How do I learn the rating of the institutions Iím interested in applying to?What are the general entry requirements?Can I study part-time in the UK?Will I be allowed to work part-time while studying?What will be the living expenditure while studying in UK?Is it easy to get scholarship there?When should I apply?Am I eligible to work in UK after my studies are over?

Why should I choose UK my study destination? The United Kingdom has a tradition of excellence that has been built over the centuries. Its numerous universities, at par with the best in the world, offer a vibrant, creative and challenging environment. The course curriculums are one of the most advanced and contemporary. The courses are designed with industry leaders and carry a high content of practical orientation that is very beneficial to the students for their careers. The availability of world-class scientific equipments and state-of-the-art laboratories, and the excellent infrastructure and facilities, coupled with the highly knowledgeable and dedicated teaching faculty help you to be amongst the best in your field. They provide a solid foundation on which to develop your fullest potential, boost your career prospects and build your future.

The international exposure and the global context as well as the opportunity to study and live with international students from 86 different countries helps you to develop your personality tremendously and the ability to work with multinational companies. Most Bachelorís courses, including Engineering in the UK are for three years and the Masterís degree courses are for one year, whereby offering low Ėcosts.

The 2 years work permit available to Degree holders from UK, upon completion of studies, and the opportunity to work with multinational companies helps you to launch into your careers successfully. UK degrees are recognized and are considered prestigious all over the world and offers you movement across the globe.
What is a role of a counselor and does it help to fulfill ones dream of studying abroad?Counsellors or student advisors who may or may not be representatives of a British university, act as the first link between a student and a university. They are required to possess detailed, accurate information about various universities and the ability to advise and assist prospective students with the admission process. They may help to understand the studentís aptitude and interest and offer education courses to match the ability of applicants with the best possible career opportunities.
Why should I approach Seema Malhotra International Education? The Seema Malhotra International Educationis a professionally managed company associated with various aspects of education in the United Kingdom. It represents several of the countryís premier institutions. Our counsellors are experienced and friendly. They work closely with you and guide you through each step of the process. A measure of our success lies in the number of talented young people we have successfully been placed during the long period of our existence. We are one of the pioneers in this field.

Besides the goodwill Seema Malhotra International Education enjoys with its students, Seema Malhotra International Education also enjoys very good rapport with the Universities in UK. Mrs. Seema Malhotra has experienced student life in UK, so she takes personal interest in advising the students regarding what to expect. Her guidance has often proved to be invaluable to the students.

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Do I get a good return value for my money?The quality of UK degrees is one reason why so many people come to the UK to study. Another is value for money. Unlike the equivalent programmes in the United States or Australia, most UK Masters programmes can be completed in one year.
How many courses are offered in UK Universities? Institutions of higher education in the UK offer a large range of courses, including foundation programmes, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and diplomas, and research programmes. UK universities offer around 2000 undergraduate courses and postgraduate courses. The courses are in the fields of Management, Engineering, Information Technology, Computing, Biotechnology, Biosciences, Health Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Arts & Design, Fashion design, etc. All universities and colleges take in new students in September while some do so in January/ February for select courses.

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How can I choose best college to enhance my future prospects?Choosing from the enormous range of opportunities offered in the UK often leaves prospective students bewildered. Our counselors help you pinpoint the course and institution that would be suit your needs and jumpstart your career. Their advice takes into account all the factors that determine your choice of an institution.

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How do I learn the rating of the institutions Iím interested in applying to?The paramount factor to be looked at is the Quality of Education. While there are many rating agencies and ratings reports, one of the most reliable ones is the Quality Assurance Agency. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is an independent body to ensure that the provision and standards of higher education are safeguarded and enhanced. It reviews the performance of institutions by auditing the way in which each institution manages the overall quality and standards of its provisions, and by reviewing academic standards and the quality of teaching and learning in each subject area.

A reliable way of judging a university is by the number of points (from a maximum of 24) it has been awarded by the QAA in the department of your interest. A university that has been awarded at least 22 out of 24 points may be rated as excellent.

All our Universities are funded by the Government of UK and they are subject to stringent checking. They enjoy a high reputation of education and are the leading Universities in UK.

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What are the general entry requirements?Entry requirements depend on the course and the university you choose. Proven academic excellence and/or work experience is sometimes mandatory for courses such as MBAs. SAT, GRE, GMAT are not normally required for UK Universities.

What are my chances of being admitted to an MBA course as a fresh graduate? Most top-ranked universities in the UK require you to possess a minimum of two to three years of managerial work experience. However, some universities have a separate MBA course for which recent graduates without work experience are also eligible.

Must I take an exam to qualify for higher education in the UK? Most universities in the UK do not require you to take the GMAT exam to be eligible for admission to their MBA course or a GRE or SAT exam. You may also be required to take an English language test such as the IELTS or TOEFL before receiving an unconditional offer from a university. However, in some cases these exams may be waived depending on your past scores and proficiency in the English language.
Can I study part-time in the UK?Part-time courses at universities in the UK are only open to European Union (EU) students. Non-EU students can obtain visas only for full-time study.
Will I be allowed to work part-time while studying? Yes, you will. You may work up to 20 hours a week during term and full-time 40 hours during holiday periods like Christmas, Easter and summer vacation. However, postgraduate students usually prefer to limit their part-time work hours to accommodate the demands of their courses.
What will be the living expenditure while studying in UK? Your choice of course, institution and location all determine the cost of study in the UK. Living expenses in or around London are higher than other areas. UK courses due to their shorter duration (Masterís degrees being one year and Bachelorís degrees being three years) are relatively much lower than the USA and are comparable to the costs in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The availability of easy Bank Education Loans, Part-time jobs, and the full-time work permit subsequently, have made UK a very attractive and affordable destination for studies.

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Is it easy to get scholarship there?Several educational institutions offer scholarships to international students. Other sources of funding you may want to consider are the British Chevening Scholarships, the British Council Fellowship Programme, the Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Programme (CSFP), the Shared Scholarship Scheme and the Overseas Research Students Award Scheme (ORSAS).
When should I apply?Although most universities do not have a formal date for closing of applications, students are advised to apply as early as possible, particularly if they seek any form of financial assistance or scholarship. Applying early also leaves you with more time to organise your travel documents, accommodation and various pre-departure arrangements adequately. Thus, students looking forward to starting in September should look at applying by February/ March. Even late applicants around June / July are also able to make it to the UK for the September session.
Am I eligible to work in UK after my studies are over?The Tier 1 PBS (point-based system) General category work permit launched in the UK recently assists overseas students in gaining work experience with British-based employers. There is a 2 year work permit, after completion of Bachelorís degree or Masterís degree.
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